Crazy Flower Wines come from two small, Certified Organic farms:
Crazy Flower Farm/Kari Flores Vineyard (Merlot)
and Rancho Rocoso (Cabernet Franc).
Our farming practices include the use of "on-farm inputs" and using the earth's resources wisely.  This includes the use of grazing animals and um, recycling their "output", as well as farming in tune with the rhythms of nature. 
Our goal is to produce a farm-to-table product that is peculiar in its simplicity & balance.

2007 Naomi  This wine is a unique blend of Bordeaux varietals from the Bennett Valley (Sonoma County) Rancho Rocoso Vineyard of our tios Frank and Carmen, and Kari's Carneros Vineyard in Napa Valley.  The flavor is the harmonious blending of grapes and terroir to create a wine that is "muy sabroso".  Enjoy it with fully flavored foods, grilled meats and mushrooms,  and saucy pasta dishes.

Our 2008 Merlot is an earthy wine that has just the right amount of toasty caramel to complement the deep red fruit flavors and a bit of black pepper and tannin to round out the back palate. 

How to Order:

2007 Naomi  (Bordeaux Blend)                           66% Carneros/34% Bennett Valley AVAs


2008 Merlot


Contact Information:
Kari Flores (kari@crazyflowerwines.com)
Nikki Moore (nikki@crazyflowerwines.com)

Crazy Flower Farm/Kari Flores Vineyard

Crazy Flower Wines
1067 Sunset Rd.
Napa, CA 94558

Phone:  707-480-8537


Crazy Flower Wines

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